Cleaning pavers
Cleaning pavers

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Paver Sealing
Paver Sealing

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Cleaning pavers
Cleaning pavers

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Paver Seal Doctor is a licensed and insured company that offers full installation of brick pavers, travertine, ledger stone, pool tile and retaining walls. We also can design and give you ideas for your driveways patios and pool decks. We also provide a various array of products from reputable companies to meet your needs and budget parameters. Whether it is residential or commercial we are here to accommodate you.

If you are a Resident, Architect or a Contractor - cleaning and sealing your pavers, using various types of sealer, whether it be a penetrating sealer, surface, or impregnating, will aid in the protection from potential stains and effects from the sun’s harmful UV rays that will fade the pavers.

There are various types of sealers available. And even when pavers are too faded beyond normal cleaning and sealing we can renew using a tinted translucent sealer to give a natural look to allow original color to show through.


Let the Experts at Paver Medic recommend the proper sealer application for your needs! Some of the photos are before and after cleaning and sealing showing the effect and benefits of obtaining our services.



What’s involved in repairing brick pavers?


Most common repairs are due to broken restraints that hold the bricks in from the edges, or roots pushing the bricks up , and so on, the most common way we repair is listed below. We dig out the offending brick. Whether it is broken, cracked, or just sinking, it needs to be removed. Regardless of the problem, we need to fix what is underneath the paver first to prevent further problems.

Fix brick pavers setting. The key to fixing brick pavers in a patio successfully is to make sure that the stone base and slag sand underneath the paver is solid and supporting the pavers in place. We add a little more slag sand or paver

stone base in the empty hole and make sure it is packed down. We ensure to put enough base to get it level with the surrounding brick pavers.


Fill the gaps between the pavers with sand. Sand is what holds the paver in place. Dump some sand over the brick and sweep it into the cracks. Then you can sweep the excess sand off the patio.


Seal the patio. A brick paver sealer will help solidify the placement of the bricks. Whenever you replace pavers, it is a great idea to seal them to keep them looking great for a longer period of time. Sealing a brick paver patio also carries other benefits, such as a barrier on the bricks that will make it much easier to clean, and preservation of the color of the bricks to prevent fading.

When we fix brick your pavers in we do our due diligence and take

the time, to do it correctly so that the money was well spent. While the steps look simple, they do require skill, and that close attention to detail. This is the key part, to a successful repair.



If you have a brick paver patio or driveway, or pool deck, you may notice after a few years have gone by that it is not in the same shape it was when you first had it installed.


Brick pavers are a great, reliable method of paving but like anything, they do require a little upkeep and maintenance. Without it, you may discover bricks that are shifting and starting to sink, or ones that have cracked due to the shifting of the ground underneath it. If this sounds like your patio or driveway,

you need to call the Paver Seal Doctor immediately to have it reviewed and diagnosedand repaired.

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