When to Reapply a Paver Sealer for Maximum Longevity in Fort Lauderdale and the greater South Florida area

Date Posted: February 22, 2022 12:30 pm

When to Reapply a Paver Sealer for Maximum Longevity in Fort Lauderdale and the greater South Florida area

How long does sealing last is a big concern for many homeowners regarding paver sealers. And while the lifespan of a paver sealer can vary depending on the brand you choose and how well you apply it, it’s generally recommended that you reapply the sealer every two years in South Florida.

To ensure that your pavers have the most extended life possible, be sure to reapply the sealer as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear. This could include dull finish, and no more water beading  on  the surface, more difficult to remove mildew and organic material when cleaning  periodically .

The lifespan of a paver sealer is anywhere from 18 months to little over 2 years .

A paver sealer is an investment that extends the lifespan of your pavers and ensures they are as beautiful for years to come.

But when it comes time to reapply, many homeowners find themselves unsure how long a sealer will last before needing another application.

The good news is that there are some easy ways to tell if it’s time for a new sealer or not with just a few quick checks. And we’re going to show you them all! Read on!

Use a commercial paver sealer labeled whether water base or Solvent base.

Commercial paver sealer

When it comes time to reseal your pavers, it’s essential to use a sealer that will give them the most extended life possible. To do this, you should look for a sealer that has a good review track level, amount of solids, and the composition of the formula. Most sealers in this region will be water based. This will ensure that your pavers are protected from the elements and will stay looking new for years to come, without bothersome issues, as a result of poor quality or the base in which is made .

Reapply once the pavers start to appear dull after annual or semiannual cleaning, and organic material takes more time to remove off  the surface of the pavers.

The best way to maintain your driveway is by sealing it. When you seal a driveway, you use a substance that either penetrates the surface or lye’s on the surface the pavers. The result is an uniform color will be enhanced, with either a semi -gloss finish or matte. Sealing will aid in not only allowing easier cleaning, but also protect the dye in the pavers or the natural stone from fading, from UV damage and rain.

There are two types of sealers, impregnating, and film forming sealers, both will protect the pavers or natural stone, but both will have a different look and application. Check with a professional what type sealer is best for your application.

When you apply a paver sealant, it’s essential to keep the following things in mind:

Apply a paver sealant

1. Clean the pavers thoroughly of dirt or other surface contaminants before sealing

2. Wear rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator mask when applying sealants.

2. Use an airless sprayer with a stainless-steel nozzle that will not rust or corrode over time.

3. Pay attention to weather forecast, do not apply on wet surface, or in a rain fall.  Apply sealant slowly and evenly in one direction to avoid over laying product during application.

6. Don’t apply to much sealer, make sure you have a roller to get any excess pooling  on the surface of your pavers or stone while you are applying sealant.

7. Once applied allow sufficient time to dry before driving on it ot foot traffic or putting furniture back.


Maintaining your driveway, or pool deck is an essential part of keeping your home looking neat and tidy, and protecting your investment.  The best way to maintain your pavers or travertine is by sealing it every two to three  years using the proper  sealant, we identified here in the article that will preserve the color , and help prevent stains from penetrating  . There are several types of sealants available, each with its benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to choose the one that is best suited for your needs. Remember to wear gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator mask when applying sealant. .

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